Survival Course for Boaters

Duration: One day
Location: Lohja

The Survival Course for Boaters at Meriturva is an intensive one-day course in which the participants learn to use a boat's safety equipment, vests, and rafts in real-life circumstances.

The trainees focus especially on how to act in a "man overboard" situation: surviving in the water and helping the person onboard the boat.

The trainees also get the chance to experience the challenge in climbing aboard a life raft. Lastly, each participant, in turn, is winched to a height of nine metres into a rescue helicopter simulator.

The course also offers an excellent opportunity for the trainees to test their own safety equipment in controlled circumstances.

We arrange courses in English for groups by arrangement. The maximum size of the group is 12 persons. Open courses for individual participants are available in Finnish. Registration links are on our Finnish pages.

Enquiries: Elli Haanpää, Coordinator.