Maritime Fire Chief Course

Duration: Six days
Location: Upinniemi

The goal of the Maritime Fire Chief Course is to deepen the knowledge of the STCW course content with practical exercises and theory lessons on leading and fighting shipboard fires.

The trainees are also familiarized with a variety of extinguishing agents and extinguishing equipment, and gain a better understanding on the structure and testing of SCBA's through practical exercises with real equipment.

The course also contains a module in chemical hazard recognition and prevention. In this module the trainees are familiarized with the practical matters that a ship crew needs to prevent or control a suspected chemical leak.

The Maritime Fire Chief Course comprises of 3 modules, that can be completed either separatedly, or as a continuous 6 days training course. Maximum number of participants for the training is 12 persons.

Modules of the Maritime Fire Chief Course:

Enquiries: Tarja Juola, Training Coordinator.