Instructions for Participants in Survival Training

Welcome to Meriturva's training. Please read these instructions before your course.

Training location

Meriturva's Survival training Unit is located in Lohja. Driving directions are on our website at


The training includes swimming, climbing and other physical stress. If you are in normal condition, you will pass the training. The course participants are expected to estimate their physical condition and health and fill in a confidential health information form before the course. Participants must be healthy and may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. More info about course program and its demands please contact the coordinator.

If you are unsure, whether your health is sufficient for participating, or if you suspect you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before the course. In the end it is the instructor, who will judge whether a person is fit to participate in the course.


Meriturva provides course participants with cotton overalls, sneakers, life vests, helmets and towels. Course participants should take their own swimming trousers or extra set of under-wear (a long sleeved set of synthetic fibre is recommended) and socks. Please note that this set gets wet in the training.

In Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) it is possible to use Meriturva's wet suits, but we recommend use your own. Also in HUET training we recommend warm, long sleeved set of underwear of synthetic fibre.

In rescue boat training Meriturva provides the necessary protective clothing. Please make sure to have sufficient clothing to wear under the protective clothing in the cold season.

It is possible to use and test your own equipment in the training with instructor's permission. Be sure that your equipment is clean to keep the water also clean. Meriturva does not answer for any damage to participants own equipment.

In GWO training Meriturva provides you with the necessary training clothing, protective and fall protection equipment, as well as dry suits and life jackets used in water exercises. The participant must take care of the underwear or swimwear worn under the training clothes. GWO training also includes the possibility to use personal protective and fall protection equipment as well as dry suits and life jackets.

Before the course, please remove all jewellery or other objects that can stick to equipment or fall off. We recommend that participants would not take valuables to Meriturva. Using your phone or camera is possible at your own risk and with instructor's permission.

Dining and accommodation

Course participants can dine in Meriturva's restaurant Merituuli. If you have any special diet or allergy, please inform us min. three days beforehand. Accommodation is available at our course hotel, more information on the Accommodation page.


Smoking is prohibited expect at one separated and signed area outside. It is of utmost importance always to follow staff's instructions at Meriturva's premises. Visitors are responsible for any damage they may cause to Meriturva or other visitors. If you notice any defects or deficiencies please report them to Meriturva personnel immediately. In case of fire alarm everybody gets outside the main building.

Insurance cover

Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre does not have a separate accident insurance for those participating in training. The trainees must always be covered by their employer, the State Treasury or other insurance policy. Please make sure that your insurance coverage is in order before the beginning of the training.

Those studying at their employer's expense are covered by their employer's statutory accident insurance in accordance with the "Workers' Compensation Act" (459/2015).

The State Treasury covers students of state-owned educational institutions. Those that participate in the course at their own expense are also considered covered by the State Treasury's policy. Compensation may be paid to the aforementioned persons in accordance with the "Act on Compensation for Accidents Occurring in Work-like Conditions while Studying" (Laki opiskeluun liittyvissä työhön rinnastettavissa olosuhteissa syntyneen vamman tai sairauden korvaamisesta, 460/2015). Students from other than state-owned educational institutions are covered by their own educational institution's insurance policy.

By a decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture (VN/9331/2022-OKM-1), Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre has the right to organise advanced or supplementary vocational training in accordance with Section 8 of the "Act on Vocational Education and Training" (531/2017).

Accidents caused by an error or negligence of a government official will be handled in accordance with the "Act on State Indemnity Operations" (978/2014) and the "Tort Liability Act" (412/1974).

Please note! In training organised by third parties, responsibilities will be defined in a separate facility rental agreement.


The course fee is paid online upon registration. Meriturva's contract customers can also pay by invoice. The invoice will be sent to the given billing address after the course.


All cancellations must be made no later than two weeks before the course begins. For any cancellation performed at a later date, we will charge 50% of the price of the course. If a person who has registered for a course does not show up and has not cancelled the reservation, we will charge the full price of the course. Cancellations must be made by email to By cancellation of a prepaid course a cancellation fee of 25 € will be withheld.

Enquiries: Elli Haanpää, Coordinator.