Fire Training Unit

Fire-fighting and survival

An accredited fire training course is a requirement for all those who seek employment on board a ship in Finland. Over the years, the Fire Training Unit has trained more than 70,000 mariners.

At Meriturva's Fire Training Unit, one can learn smoke diving, rescue, and fire extinguishing. Apart from the exercises, the training includes theoretical grounding, along with a feedback session after the exercises. A certificate is given for an approved performance.

The range of training simulators

There are several fire training simulators at the Meriturva Fire Training Unit, for different purposes. A new simulator representing a ship has recently been added to the selection. In the course with this simulator, participants drill in leading the fire-extinguishing work, and they learn how to manage in the dark and smoke.

In the tank simulators, one can practise getting out of ship's-bottom tanks and preventing leaks of liquids. Extinguishing cabin fires is practised in a flashover simulator.

Also, Meriturva has a unique list simulator. This simulator demonstrates impressively how difficult it is to act when a ship has a list, as is often the case in accidents.

Course participants can practise extinguishing indoor fires and entering smoke filled spaces when using self-contained breathing apparatus in a fire simulator. We use liquid gas, which ensures environment-friendly and safe training sessions.

At the Meriturva Fire Training Unit, it is also possible to practise extinguishing gas fires and fixing gas leaks. Even a simulator for helicopter fires is available.

Certified training

The Meriturva Fire Training Unit offers certified basic and advanced fire training for mariners – our main clientele consists of professional seafarers. Some courses are tailor-made to match customer-specific needs.

We welcome foreign guests to our training facility. Non-Finnish citizens are required to have a visitor's permit to enter the Upinniemi garrison area.