Survival Training

Evacuating the ship at sea is always a dangerous operation that involves risks. By practicing evacuation and survival in advance, safety of life at sea can be improved.

Survival and evacuation training for the crew is often performed in a hurry, when the ship is in port. These exercises are one of the greatest work safety hazards for the crew. The superb facilities and authentic equipment of Meriturva's modern Survival Training Centre in Lohja offer a better and safer way to gain important survival skills.

Meriturva's training pool is the biggest in Finland, and with its changeable weather conditions with wind and waves, it creates amazingly realistic and challenging conditions.

The main pool has a water temperature of 70°Fahrenheit (21°C) water, but also a cold water pool with 35°Fahrenheit (3°C) water is available for teaching how to protect oneself against hypothermia.

Meriturva's experienced crew is prepared to customize the course contents according to the needs of your group.

Courses for everyone

You don't have to be a professional mariner to attend to Meriturva's training. Our wide range of courses benefit also boaters, helicopter crews as well as cruise passengers. Some of our courses are suitable for companies' recreational or team-building events.

For example the survival course for boaters is very popular and offers an excellent chance for boaters to test their safety gear in realistic conditions.