Instructions for Participants in Fire Training

Welcome to Meriturva's fire training. Please read these instructions before your course.

Training location

Meriturva's Fire Training Unit is located at Upinniemi garrison, in Kirkkonummi. Driving directions are here.

At the entrance gate to the area, wait at the parking lot until Meriturva personnel arrives at 8:20am. Remember to bring a picture ID with you! Foreign citizens need to carry a passport.

When you drive inside the Upinniemi garrison, you must under all circumstances follow the speed limits in the area. Parking in the area is allowed only in the car parks inside the garrison!


Training begins on weekdays at 8:30am, please be on time. The training ends approximately at 4:00pm.

If you arrive by car, please remember the morning rush hour may cause delays.


The course participants will fill in a confidential health information form before the course. Participants must be healthy and may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the end it is the instructor, who will judge whether a person is fit to participate in the course.

If you are unsure, whether your health is sufficient for participating, or if you suspect you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before the course.

Protective equipment

The Fire Training Unit provides all students with an extinguishing outfit.

Bring along:

  • toiletries and a towel
  • underclothes with long sleeves and legs, to be worn under the extinguishing outfit (the material must be of natural fibre, such as wool or cotton)
  • wool socks or other thick socks
  • a bottle of water / something to drink

We recommend bringing along spare clothing in case your clothes become sooty or wet. In the cold season, it is advisable to wear underclothes that are sufficiently warm.

The Fire Training Unit has lockers. However, we do not advise bringing valuable items with you.


Taking photographs in the training area of the Fire Training Unit is allowed only with the permission of the personnel.

Dining and accommodation

Course participants can dine at the restaurant Ankkuri located at the garrison. The area also has a canteen. Accommodation options can be found here.


It is of utmost importance always to follow staff's instructions at Meriturva's premises. Visitors are responsible for any damage they may cause to Meriturva or other visitors. If you notice any defects or deficiencies please report them to Meriturva personnel immediately.

Insurance cover

Any accidents that occur during training at Meriturva are indemnified in accordance with the legal act on accidents during studies (1318/2002) as an accident at work, as stipulated in the Employment Accidents Act (608/48). The government does not have an insurance obligation under this act, but compensation must be paid from government funds for any occupational accidents during work performed for the government as described in the act.

According to the act on accidents during studies (1318/2002), compensation is paid for any accident that takes place during studies in circumstances comparable to work (when the case does not involve an occurrence during employment that is indemnified in accordance with the Employment Accidents Act). Compensation is paid for those in training referred to in the act, and it requires that the accident have taken place in circumstances that are characteristic of studying when the person was taking part in practical teaching that is comparable to work in line with a curriculum or as the basis for a degree. However, studies that are part of general education or based on a hobby are not subject to such compensation, with the exception of years 7-9 in primary education and upper secondary education.

We recommend that those, who are not covered by their employer's or institution's insurance policy, will take an accident insurance of their own.


The course fee is paid online upon registration. Meriturva's contract customers can also pay by invoice. The invoice will be sent to the given billing address after the course.


All cancellations must be made no later than two weeks before the course begins. For any cancellation performed at a later date, we will charge 50% of the price of the course. If a person who has registered for a course does not show up and has not cancelled the reservation, we will charge the full price of the course. Cancellations must be made by email to By cancellation of a prepaid course a cancellation fee of 25 € will be withheld.

Enquiries: Tarja Juola, Training Coordinator.