Dangerous Goods Course

Duration: Two days
Location: Upinniemi

The Dangerous Goods course is designed for ship-board personnel and stevedores who face dangerous goods transportation in their daily work. In the two day training course the trainees train to identify, handle and prevent dangerous goods incidents through theory lectures and practical exercises.

The course provides the practicants with a good preparedness to assist rescue- and ship personnel in different dangerous goods operations. The two day course is one of the three modules of the Maritime Fire Chief course. Maximum number of participants for the training is 12 persons.

The course contains following subjects:

  • Dangerous goods and their markings
  • Regulations on sea transport of dangerous goods
  • Use of the IMDG and eTOKEVA
  • Suitable extinguishing agents and equipment
  • Donning and use of SCBA's
  • Chemical-protection suits and their use

Enquiries: Tarja Juola, Training Coordinator.