Safety Courses for Wind Industry (GWO)

Location: Lohja

The Global Wind Organization GWO has defined safety training standards for wind industry personnel. Further information on the requirements for GWO training can be found in the training standards.

Meriturva offers basic and refresher course modules in accordance with GWO's Basic Safety Training. The training is carried out in Lohja in cooperation with Cresto Ab.

Module Basic Course Refresher Course
Duration Price/Person Duration Price/Person
Fire Awareness 4 h 205 € 4 h 205 €
First Aid 8 h 305 € 4 h 205 €
Manual Handling 4 h 205 € 4 h 205 €
Sea Survival 8 h 450 € 8 h 450 €
Working at Heights 16 h 770 € 8 h 450 €

We also offer GWO Advance Rescue Training (ART). Please note that valid Basic Safety Training modules First Aid, Manual Handling and Working at Heights are required for access to ART training.

Module Duration Price/Person
ART Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (HSIBR) 8 h 470 €
ART Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue (NTBR) 16 h 990 €
ART Single Rescuer: Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (SR:HSIBR) 4 h 310 €
ART Single Rescuer: Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue (SR:NTBR) 4 h 310 €
ART Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue Refresher (NTBRR) 16 h 990 €
ART Combined (HSIBR+NTBR+SR:HSIBR+SR:NTBR) 24 h 1710 €

Our course selection also includes GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) courses:

Module Duration Price/Person
Enhanced First Aid (Onshore/Offshore) (EFA) 24 h 1490 €
Enhanced First Aid Refresher (Onshore/Offshore) (EFAR) 16 h 990 €

Course prices include VAT. Prices include lunch and coffee. Accommodation is available at Meriturva's Course Hotel for additional cost.

We organize courses on request for groups as well as open courses. The maximum number of participants in the modules is 8 people.

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Please note the courses are usually in Finnish. Check course language and available modules in registration page.

Enquiries: Elli Haanpδδ, Coordinator.