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Meriturva's GWO brochure

Safety in corona pandemic situation

During the corona pandemic, we are doing our best to reduce the risk of infection and thus have taken the following preventive measures:

  • No one with flu-like illness or disease symptoms may participate in courses, with threat of termination of the course (Occupational Health Act)
  • Persons who have been quarantined may not participate in the course.
  • Those arriving from abroad must follow the quarantine instructions of the authorities after entry.
  • If you belong to the risk group, we do not recommend course participation.
  • Training will be conducted with safety distances in mind.
  • In close-contact situations respiratory protection is used. Meriturva provides Type IIR -rated respiratory protection, but course participants can bring their own respiratory protection.
  • Some exercises such as Free Fall and Helicopter Winching may be left out of the program.
  • Particular focus is on hand hygiene, hand disinfectants are available in all spaces
  • The food service takes place with extra focus on hygiene and so that safety distances can be maintained.

If everyone works responsibly, we reduce the spread of infections!

Registration to open courses

Meriturva offers open courses for Finnish speaking customers. Registration links are on our Finnish pages.

Courses in English are available for groups on request.

Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre aims at improving safety at sea by offering a vast selection of fire and survival training both for professional and amateur seafarers. Meriturva consists of two units, fire training unit in Upinniemi Kirkkonummi and survival training unit in Lohja.

Apart from seafarers our clientele consists of all maritime authorities and flying personnel. We even offer special safety courses for boaters and ship passangers. We train in Finnish, in Swedish and in English.

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